Our First Match

We enjoyed our first match in the World Cup yesterday. We went to the Portugal vs Marruecos match.

Our seats were perfect, to get to the stadium from our hotel is simply a matter of riding the subway five stations. Frankly the logistics and the planning exhibited for this World Cup is light years ahead of what we saw in Brazil, especially related to order, security, cleanliness,… congratulations to Russia.

From a Soccer perspective, of course the early score by Portugal was not the best “for the match” as Portugal just handled the match afterwards and did not risk much.

After the match we met with our friends, got back to the Red Square Area and had dinner in a very nice setting by the river.

By the way, given the currency devaluation, the city is nothing like other European capitals( or MEXICO) yesterday’s dinner was about 90 dollars for four people ( with beers, steaks, coffee, desserts,…) …

Overall a great first day.

By the way, it’s really amazing the ability they have to manage crowds at the metro. I know this pic looks impressive but everything flowed very calmly.

For tomorrow we want to take a tour of the city by boat and go visit the FIFA exhibit. No rush as we have no formal plans for Thursday ( it was planned as a recovery day after the trip and almost direct arrival into the stadium)


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