The Journey there – part 2,

We spent a couple of hours in the skyteam lounge, it had a tv viewing room which was great to watch the second half of the Poland – Senegal game.

I asked for early checkin in Moscow but I don’t know if I will have a room tomorrow before we go to the game, we decided not to waste the opportunity to take a shower at the skyteam lounge.

It was really comfortable, clean, refreshing…. really recommended.

After dinner at the pub ( wow, London is expensive) we checked in with Aeroflot ( fan Id’s, passports,…) and boarded an A330 to Moscow.

One thing that was amazing was the view from our window, it just doesn’t get dark. Here’s a pic we snapped at 3 am

We landed right on schedule on Sheremtyevo airport. Immigration was a breeze, fan id’s, passports go, picked up our bags and got our SIM card for the Glocal me U2 . This little gadget should serve to deliver to Gabriel and myself internet and voice communication while in Rusia, without having to mortgage the house, $14 USD for 20 GB of high speed internet.

We took a taxi to Moscow (20 USD) , all in all it took about an hour to get out of the airport. Pretty sweet, we were at our hotel little before 6 am.

Our hotel is located in a little pedestrian street about 200 meters from the red square, which has its advantages and disadvantages, when we got here at 6am the party was still happening ( yesterday Russia won against Egypt) so, many many many people were still in the street in varying degrees of etillic happiness.

We had to kill some time before our room was ready so we went for a couple of strolls, breakfast,… eventually we crashed at the couch at the hotel reception and waited.

Once we got our room, we crawled to bed and collapsed it was slightly before 11am. We had time for a little siesta before the match.

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