Now on to Rostov

After two days in Moscow, one match in the beautiful stadium and lots of great experiences we leave for Rostov to see the Mexican national team face Korea tomorrow in Rostov.

Some insights from our trip so far:

Moscow is a fantastic host city. The city has worked to provide visitors a fun, but secure environment to enjoy the festivities. Also, the city feels clean and safe. Of course this are perceptions after only two days but I was worried before the trip. I’ve felt safe, welcome and cared for.

Four years ago, I had the chance to enjoy the World Cup in Brazil which left me with ambivalence. I had a great time but the trip was very hard. The host cities were not prepared, investments were not finished in time, a lot of money was stolen. The locals were not happy.

This time it feels differently. From safety and preparation at the stadium, to security in the street when the party was still going on at 5 am the night after Russia qualified to the second phase.

We have scheduled an organized tour of Moscow for the 25th after we come back from Rostov were I hope to learn more from this great city’s history.

Here are some pics from Moscow

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