En Casa del Herrero… no more. Google Wifi is here to stay

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with wifi at home, I believe many of us suffer through crappy wifi.  I’ve explored multiple solution with very limited results, going as far as at some point having two broadband connections at home.

My house has a significantly large amount of networked devices, computers, iPads, (even a networked bathroom scale).  My last solution was a TP Link from TP Link which in my opinion was a piece of trash (frequently it would drop either the 2.4 or the 5 GHZ band and force a reboot).

This week I set a new configuration based on Google Wi Fi with two  devices to create a Mesh network and after three days I’m extremely happy.

  • Performance: 50 MB/S wireless performance all across the apartment
  • Ease of use: very simple to configure, especially for families (you can set up schedules for the kids, safe searching,,,,)
  • Very easy to setup (it was a breeze).
  • Great app to run it all

One more thing worth mentioning is that the system requires a google id to work but it allows you to admin the network even when outside the house.

If you’re a guy who really likes to use a WEBGUI you’ll be disappointed as the only way to admin the device is through the mobile app, also if you like to be able to move a lot of parameters  this is not the wifi for you.

If you want simple this is definitely for you.


I’m going to setup a larger 4 or 5 device network next week, Ill let you know how it goes.





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