Quick weekend at HUASCA, Hidalgo’s mining heritage

Because of different reasons, no family travel was scheduled for summer after our trip to the World Cup however we decided to plan for a quick weekend trip to the Huasca region in Hidalgo MEXICO.

HUASCA is a little town that has been designated as a “Pueblito Mágico” which means it is a charming little town that has retained a lot its colonial and post colonial history.

We drove there on a Friday afternoon, it’s about a three hour drive from Mexico City, particularly considering the traffic to get out of the city as well as the traffic in the last portion of the highway which is a two lane mountain road snaking it’s way towards Huasca and across Real del Monte.

There are a couple of great attractions not to be missed on this trip:

The basaltic prisms, unique volcanic rock formations generated by water cooled lava.

The old Hacienda of Santa María Regla where the Count de Regla build the foundry to smelt all the minerals extracted from nearby mines and make gold and silver bullion. This is a site not to be missed. Definitely take the guided tour of the Hacienda ( which now also functions as a hotel)

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Have a look at the following article: https://www.mexicodesconocido.com.mx/que-hacer-en-huasca-de-ocampo.html 



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