Back to Moscow

After Rostov-on-Don we travelled back to Moscow for two days.

Since Mexico we decided that it was a good idea to schedule a tour of Moscow and some some key sites. At least learn something from the history of this great city’s history.

Some friends referred me to Svetlana with whom we arranged two tours. The first tour would be of the Kremlin and some of Moscow’s most important sites and the second one ( 30th) would be of the space museum, the metro and Izmailovo market.

Monday it was tour time. Even though it was more expensive we decided to go with Spanish tour guides so that the kids would be able to understand a bit more. Of course I did not know what to expect in terms of Spanish.

We were blown away by Elia’s Spanish, she is a muscovite but she could’ve almost passed as a native spanish speaker. Her Spanish was perfect.

The first stop in our tour was the Kremlin. For my generation who still grew up during the Cold War, visiting the Kremlin felt like walking into the wolf’s den. The place in general is spectacular: it feels like a mix of Game of Thrones with old James Bond and DaVinci Code.

Things are clearly done BIG here ( like the bell and the cannon)

The tour continued with a couple of additional stops, particularly la Catedral de Cristo Salvador which incredibly enough was demolished in 1931 by the Soviets and then rebuilt in the 1990’s. ( also for example the tower entrance to the red square was demolished by the Soviet’s because it complicated the tank parades) and then the park / monuments dedicated to the victory in WWII. I think the tour gave meaning to things we had seen multiple times but didn’t really know what we were seeing like the km 0 marker.

The conversation with Elia was very interesting, se is about our age so she was born in the Soviet Union. She does not talk about things being great back then but she by no means criticizes the previous regime, she even feels a little nostalgic about it.

It’s strange but even though she’s about our age there are things about here that definitely remind me of my grandmother and great grandmother. Don’t know why.

On Tuesday we went to see France and Denmark play one of the worst games  this cup has seen, both teams were booed by their fans as neither team made an effort to win.  Wow what a disappointment, I just wished Australia would have scored so that Denmark would’ve had a reason to play…

Here are some pics from our Moscow stop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop Yekaterinburg.

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