The Story in Rostov on Don

After Moscow we flew to Rostov in the south of Russia, close to the Black Sea to watch Mexico play. We wanted to have a little more leisure time here so we flew in the morning. Still not fully recovered from jet lag, waking up early in the morning was pretty hard to do ( we had to leave our Moscow hotel at 6am) especially considering we went to bed around 130.

The trip to the airport was uneventful, we took the train and we managed to board like 30 seconds before it departed. I love traveling by train in Europe, it is so relaxing.

The airport in Rostov is brand new, after enquiring with the volunteer desk we were on our way to our guesthouse hotel.

The little hotel is really nice, very nice, modern clean and friendly. The owners don’t speak a word of English but we understand each other.

After a nice siesta, we headed downtown to the Fan fest with a small pit stop at the local McDonald’s to eat.

The fan fest was great for all of us, friendly, well organized, etc. The kids were playing soccer, foosball, ping pong,… well into the night and then we had dinner at a really nice place very close to the fan fest.

The impression we’ve gotten from this medium city is that of hospitality

Saturday was The Big Day, the reason we came here for, the moment of truth, the match against Korea.

After a very nice homemade breakfast at our hotel, we went down to the pier area to have a stroll, start approaching the stadium and get in the mood.

We walked across the bridge ( to Asia no less) and approached the stadium. The streets were white and green rivers of people( many Mexicans with the teams white shirt) singing, and celebrating.

We enjoyed a few cold drinks before the game and then settled on to our seats ready to enjoy the match

After a very exciting game where Mexico defeated Korea 2-1 we started to make our way back but decided to settle on a very nice Armenian restaurant / terrace were we made friend said with the local crowd ( Sasha, Armáis,…) who were very celebrating a birthday and we ended up celebrating with them . I ve included  picture of Sasha with our MEXICO banner which we left with them as small token.

Sunday was a very relaxed day, we had our flights back in the evening so went for a nice lunch next to the rive and as the weather cleared up we took a one hour boat ride on the Don which was really really nice. After we got back from the river trip, we picked up our stuff and headed for the airport.

Goodbye Rostov, thank you for all the hospitality

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