The Journey There Part 1

Let’s get a move on.

Even though the flight leaves at 11 pm I was awake at 3 am, happy, excited, nervous.

As I tried to do we checkin,the web page told me that my son’s birth year was wrong because it had to be over 12 as he was registered as an adult. Even though I tried to remain calm, all kinds on paranoid scenarios started brewing…,

I ended up talking to an Aeromexico rep at 4 am who told me that most likely it was a bug in their system because my son was registered as a minor. Sure enough I tried to check in again ( on the phone this time) and succeeded. Uffff

The day went on without lots of additional excitement, I did watch the Korea vs Sweden match early in the morning. If we manage to maintain the level displayed on Sunday we should definitely be able to get more points out of these teams.

As it was raining heavily since early afternoon I decided to head on to the airport early and try to beat the reuse hour traffic so I’ll left for the airport around 5 pm.

The result was very good as our commute to the airport ended up being under 60 minutes and therefore we had some hours to kill at the airport. Better to kill time at the airport than to spend it in traffic.

We decided to visit the Aeromexico lounge ( international side) where we discovered an additional floor of space if you climb a set of stairs slightly hidden at the back of the lounge. Today I was very surprised, the service, the food, everything was top notch at the salon premier.

The first leg of the trip was great, my son’s comment was: I’m so happy you’re titanium. I got upgraded by Aeromexico to Premiere class which was really nice. Very nice dinner and then off to sleep.

The first trip the kid does across the Atlantic and it’s biz class…. am I creating a monster?

The flight ended in the blink of an eye. Actually when we landed , we were watching the beginning of the Senegal match against Poland ( it was almost like can you give the plane a couple of laps around the airport…. we are watching the game….)

Even though we had almost six hours to connect we decided against going to London. ( we will have more time on the way back) so we walked over to the sky team lounge which is great. It has a TV lounge, big buffet, drinks,…

We will probably hit the showers / spa here at the lounge and then go for dinner at the airport before embarking on our next leg of the flight to Moscow.

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