The Time has come…24 hrs to go

World cup is upon us. Mexico has surprised us all with a great game, definitely the best game we’ve seen them play in a while to beat the world champions, Germany.  The pictures , the videos coming in from Moscow show this is a great party.  Thousands of Mexicans are celebrating this great win that is very important to the chances our team has to advance to the next stage.

Of course, the memes from the game are spectacular as is the entire Zague story developing in Mexico.

Bags are packed (after a long selection process), yesterday we bought some mariachi sombreros and some zarapes so we can “look the part”, medication, clothes, money, tix, passports, fan id’s, tshirts with “el chavo” and “el chapulin”

Tomorrow evening we will start our journey.  I was talking to my son earlier, who is extremely happy about this trip, that the idea for tomorrow’s trip started about 4.5 years ago when he found out he wasn’t going to Brasil and I decided to promise to him that if I could make it to Russia, I would take him with me.

Well, next posts will be from abroad, I will try to post often.


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