T – 1 Week and Counting

Lets get ready to ruuuuuuumble……. (oops wrong sport no matter) One more week till we travel to Russia.

We received the final package of tickets last week, the fact that the Mexico Sweden tickets arrived two weeks after the rest had me a “little” worried but we are now set to go (at least from a Tickets, Hotels, FanId, Planes, Tours, Trains perspective)

I’m very excited about this upcoming adventure. Just last week we had the opportunity to go to the last match of Mexico’s national team at Azteca Stadium.  The stadium was packed, the mood was great, the mid time show was great, futbol was sort of there.  With a little bit more luck we should have ended the match 3-0 but simply the ball did not go in.  Here are some pics from that day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of my expectations for this world cup (vis a vis Brasil) is that public transportation will work as expected and that everything that has to be finished for the world cup will be done. (in Brasil 2014 this was not exactly the case)

I want to share some last minute preparations for the trip (worth noting that most of them have not been used so they have not been completely tested)

  1. Google Maps: Record key destinations and download map for offline use (you never know when data might fail), we’ve already discussed plans for internet use during the WC but downloading the maps to your phone is simple and will not occupy that much space
  2. GETT: I don’t know how prevalent is Uber in Russia, but apparently this app is also of general use in Russia. It’s an Israeli app, and I had to search a bit to find the settings to display in english (dear developers, wouldn’t it make more sense for the app to default to english or local language instead of hebrew?)
  3. Metro and Train Apps (important to download and familiarize), in the metro app you can record your most common stations
  4. Download the Maps.ME on your iPhone and visit the Maps page on Safari to download bookmarks, favorites,…
  5. Google Translate: Again, this is based on potential usage not actual usage but the app can listen to sentences in any language an translate (and speak) in Russian.  You can also download for offline use (although in this case you are restricted to typing)

As departure time approaches I will continue to write and share.  I know that the most interesting notes will come next week,

Stay Tuned


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