Polar and GDPR Fittness

I used to be a fan of the Adidas’s fit smart and miCoach service even after the acquisition of runtastic and the sunset of the miCoach platform. I won’t get into the details of why I’m not a fan of the runtastic platform ( maybe in another post) but I want to shift the focus to Polar.

polar-h10-heart-rate-sensor-with-polar-pro-strap-introI chose the polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor for many reasons but mainly because it allows me to record my heart rate on many applications on my phone (Polar or not) using Bluetooth tech and it displays my HR on the treadmill at the same time which for me it is very useful.

Let’s get into the core of the topic, remember I mentioned in my previous post some of the key changes imposed by GDPR:

  • Clarity around the use of personal data (plain language)
  • Require Explicit consent from the consumer to use personal data

One of the notes I received regarding GDPR came from Polar  and it did a great job highlighting three messages

  • Read the new privacy notice and terms of use
  • Confirm email address
  • Confirm Explicit consent to some of their services

The first thing that struck me was that when I clicked on the new privacy notice it was written in plain language not legalese jargon.

Here is a link to New Privacy agreement and to the Old One . For starters, the first item on the content is how we handle your personal information (in the new version) vs acceptance of terms and applicable law (in the previous version).

The full impact of this new legislation is yet to be seen, many companies working hard to comply (not all of course) and at least from the dozens (at least) of emails asking me, as a consumer, to review their new data protection policies at least I believe a lot more awareness will be generated about the value of personal data.






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