Countdown To Fifa World Cup 2018 – Russia

Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Fifa World Cup 2018 – Russia

Origen: Countdown To Fifa World Cup 2018 – Russia

Tic Tac Tic Tac

Less than 4 Weeks to Go

We are almost ready to go, Fan Id’s, plane tickets, hotel reservations, match tickets (we are missing one that should be arriving this week).

In my last post I mentioned that I would report back on the GLOCALME device, so here it goes.  The device arrived as expected and I was able to create an account, load 10 €, test it (fairly good speed).  The main difference between this device and a regular unlocked cel modem is that if for any reason I cant get the local SIM to work I can still get coverage without a mortgage.

BTW, from what I’ve been reading, I suggest my fellow travellers have a look at the Aeroexpress App (for the trains connecting Moscow and the airports). The app works pretty well (and it makes sense to test it beforehand).  My conclusion is as follows: the advantage of buying the BC ticket is that you can reserve a seat and given the expected crowds that can be a very good thing.  However, how long will the immigration process take? The single ticket is 1000 Rubles vs about 400 for the normal ticket.  If you consider that the exchange rate is over 60 Rubles per dollar, it’s about 15 dollars per person.

I want to share with you a proposed agenda for Fathers Day (in Mexico that is June 17th).  Thanks to my friend Andrew for the image


How are your plans?


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