Learning the Game after the Second Inning?

Digital marketing is expected to overtake TV advertising this year in terms of spent and in China, digital mobile marketing is expected to overtake tv advertising this year.

It’s been two weeks since we started with the digital marketing course. I missed school and I wanted the opportunity to learn more about the marketing side of the equation , expand horizons, and try new things.

I’m currently working on my first ad word campaign simulator, deciding on the capstone project,… and at the same time reading about what’s happening around the globe, especially with social media.

I was reading an opinion piece from the NY Times titled How Mark Zuckerberg can save Facebook – and Us- (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/27/opinion/zuckerberg-facebook-digital-bullies.html).

In this “game”, what are the roles the diferent players play: customers, companies, marketers, advertisers, IT, regulators, …. What does the third inning look like?

GDPR is definitely an important move designed to hold companies acountable for the personal information the hold will most likely have a turn at bat during the third inning.

This is definitely an interesting time to learn the game. “Lets play ball”. (this is new for me as I’m more of a Futbol and Football fan).

descarga (1)






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