The impact of the net on trade Does the Web even the playing field in retail?

I believe no one will argue that the internet has given everyone a voice. It’s effect on allowing multiple points of view to flourish and be heard is undeniable even in the harshest of circumstances. From a communication perspective, no doubt, the web has evened the playing field.

On the retail side, before the rise of the net, large retailers, category killers, big box warehouses, and convenience store large chains were dealing powerful blows to traditional retail businesses. From mom and pop to specialized stores, the impact of the large corporations was huge.

With the rise of global eCommerce, can an argument be made that small specialized retailers can leverage technology and even the field against the Goliaths of this world or did we just change Goliaths?

The entrance of Amazon to a new country definitely gives many local large retailers nightmares, what about the little ones?

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